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Hartford Community Restorative Justice Center

58 North Main St.
Suite 102
White River Junction, VT 05001


Phone: 802.291.7173

Martha McLafferty

Lynn Jacobs
Reentry Coordinator

The Hartford Community Restorative Justice Center works in partnership with the community to provide programs and services aimed at reducing crime and resolving conflict in the Town of Hartford.  These programs include:

Reparative Probation. Offenders, referred through the court system, are required to meet with a panel of community volunteers and any victims of their crime.  Through this restorative process, offenders are held accountable for their actions and learn how victims and the community have been affected by their behavior.  This program has been helpful to the Hartford community in many ways.  One is to provide an inclusive process where any person affected by a crime may be involved in the resolution process.  This has been helpful to many victims who have found it very rewarding to speak directly with the offender and panel members. This program is also an important step towards integrating offenders back into our community. Justice Center community volunteers often see people we’ve worked with in the community and talk with them about how they’re doing.  We believe this community connection is an important first step towards reducing recidivism and making Hartford a safer community.

Community Mediation.We have been busy mediating disputes between neighbors, families, and between landlords and tenants.  This community conflict resolution program is beneficial to Hartford in many ways.  It helps resolve conflicts before they reach the court system, saves the Hartford Police time and money, and works towards making the community safer and residents happier. Cases have been referred to us by the Hartford Police, Hartford Housing Office, community members and town officials.

Group Conferencing. With offenses and conflicts thatinvolve larger numbers of people, we offer a group conferencing process in order to include everyone that has been involved in or affected by the conflict or offense in the resolution process.  We have used this process for family disputes, school incidents, neighborhood conflicts and pre-charge cases.

Conflict Resolution training. Some community members and probationers need and want help with handling difficult conversations.  We provide trainings in difficult conversations and conflict management so community members can learn to handle their conflicts before the police or courts must do it for them.