Hartford Community Restorative Justice Center

The Hartford Community Restorative Justice Center works in partnership with the community to provide programs and services aimed at reducing crime and resolving conflict in the greater Hartford area.

Hartford Community Restorative Justice CenterOur programs are based on restorative principles: taking responsibility for one’s actions, repairing the harm done to victims and the community, and including all those affected by the crime or conflict in the resolution process. We serve the towns of Hartford and White River Junction, and the nearby towns of Barnard, Bridgewater, Hartland, Norwich, Pomfret, Quechee, Royalton, Sharon, Stockbridge, West Hartford, Wilder, and Woodstock.

Programs and Services

Restorative Victim Services
Victims are invited to participate in all restorative justice programs to the extent that they feel comfortable.

Restorative Justice Programs
Restorative justice programs allow for direct community involvement in the resolution of criminal offenses through participation in Restorative Justice Panels, restorative conferences and/or restorative circles. People directly affected by a crime have an opportunity to participate in a justice process where they can articulate their needs, ask questions, seek restorative actions and receive support from their community. Those responsible for a crime can learn about the harm, make amends, and build a positive connection with their community.

Restorative Reentry Programs
These programs enhance community safety as people return to their communities from prison. Services offered include facilitating dialogue between inmates and family to promote healing and reintegration and the opportunity to learn new skills and make amends.

Those who have committed serious offenses may join a Circle of Support and Accountability (COSA), a personalized network of community members who volunteer their time to support the person’s actions as he or she builds a crime-free life.

Community Conflict Assistance
This program facilitates dialogue related to neighborhood and community issues. Professional mediation services help community members talk about and find solutions to their conflicts, which may involve such issues as noise, pets, boundaries, and landlord-tenant disputes.

Volunteer Opportunities
We rely entirely on local community volunteers for our panels, conference facilitators and COSA members. In return, we provide training in restorative principles and practices, many volunteer opportunities, and a chance to be part of this very exciting and rewarding work! Contact us at (802) 291-7173 for more information.